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10 Reasons why Dead Man is the best movie of the...

Nov 16, 2011

10 Reasons why Dead Man is the best movie of the end of the 20th century

Fun list by Greil Marcus from 1999. Includes a bonus list, “Ten reasons why Neil Young’s “Dead Man” is the best music for the dog days of the 20th century.” I love this movie and the soundtrack so much—finally got to see it in 35mm last year.

Speaking of the soundtrack, here’s a great post: Jim Jarmusch: The Art of the Music in His Films

For the surreal 1995 western Dead Man (sampled in the montage above) Jarmusch enlisted Neil Young to compose and perform the soundtrack. “To me,” Young is quoted as saying at the outset of the project by Jonathan Rosenbaum in his BFI Modern Classics book on the film, “the movie is my rhythm section and I will add a melody to that.” Young recorded his minimalist score, much of it improvised, in a large warehouse in San Francisco while watching a rough cut of the film. Young played all the instruments: electric and acoustic guitars, pump organ and a detuned piano.

Just added the Blu-Ray to my Christmas list.

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    YES. This is on my very short list of movies I remember liking.
  3. lifesgrandparade said: My pandora used to play the Dead Man soundtrack in my office (It was a Neil Young station). Explaining it’s origins to my boss was one of the highlights of my job. “Whatever Doug, just turn it down.”
  4. sniffyjenkins said: Love it. I’d kill to see it in a cinema.
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