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Ed Emberley Documentary on Lynda.com Oh, man...

Jan 07, 2012

Ed Emberley Documentary on Lynda.com

Oh, man this is so freaking delightful: a 54-minute documentary on Ed Emberley, shot at various locations, including his home studio in Massachusetts. (Above: shots of him drawing, showing off the black and color layers of his books, drawing his life story in real-time, and standing next to a life-size woodcut of Paul Bunyan!!!)

I love his lines that begin the doc:

Not everybody has to be an artist. The big thing is feeling good about yourself. That’s more important than the art part.

And what he has to say about audience and writing/drawing:

If you like my books, you’ve never met me, [but] there’s something about you that’s just like me, and that’s the person I can speak to. If I try to speak to everybody, I speak to nobody. I only can speak to the Ed Emberleys there are in the world—whether they’re girls or boys, whether they’re grownup or small—my duty is to present me out to the other mes in the world.

It’s so good. A monthly subscription to Lynda.com is $25, so depending on how much you love Ed, it might be well worth it. (It was worth it for me!) Ed says there will be some public screenings in the spring, so stay tuned.

Here’s the intro:

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