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Mike Monteiro, Design Is A Job Truth be told,...

Apr 18, 2012

Mike Monteiro, Design Is A Job

Truth be told, this is the book I’ve been most looking forward to reading this year. I’m a big fan of @Mike_FTW: I love what he and Erika Hall have built and stand for over at Mule Design, I own one of his great 20x200 prints, and oh God, just browse the tag.

Jim @Coudal really had it nailed: “Thank God @Mike_FTW didn’t write “Design is a Job” ten years ago. If we had read it then we’d probably still have clients today. #phew” If I had this book only 3 months ago, I might’ve stayed at my agency job. If I had this book four or five years ago, I might still be doing web design…

As a lot of folks have pointed out, this isn’t just a book about web design. It’s a book about taking responsibility for your work, taking pride in doing it well, and getting paid what you deserve.

I’ve been stopping by a few art colleges on my book tour, and I’ve probably pimped this book there more than my own.

Highly recommended.

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