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The Process of Radiolab Above is a screenshot of...

Aug 10, 2012

The Process of Radiolab

Above is a screenshot of a Radiolab episode in ProTools and their wall of sticky notes from planning episodes, all from a pretty fucking delightful piece by Jad Abumrad about the origins of Radiolab and what he’s learned about process and pushing things forward.

Now that Radiolab is nine years old, and now that we’ve found an audience, a strange thing has happened.

There’s now a pressure to NOT do the very thing that got us here – not experiment, not play with forms, not take risks.

If I could identify my one constant source of gut churn right now, it’s this: how do I keep the quality high but NOT repeat myself?

It’s way, way easier to keep the quality high if you choose to solve the same old problems over and over. But if you do that, you risk becoming a caricature of yourself.

So what do you do?

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