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Alasdair Gray on whether writing can be taught

Sep 29, 2012

Alasdair Gray on whether writing can be taught

The writer Elizabeth McCracken sent me this charming video of Alasdair Gray talking about his writing and art (“The writing helped the painting and the painting helped the writing.”). I particularly loved his response to the ever-worn-out question, “Can writing be taught?”

Of course! I couldn’t write before I was was taught! That’s why they give it to you in primary schools. Writing and speaking are things that have to be learned first. Some people at a certain stage think that they don’t have to learn any more. If you’re very interested in words then you try to keep on learning more. And the best way, of course, is by reading other writers. Good ones! Or even bad ones are better than none to begin with.

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    Great quote. This guy is adorable.
  5. theuniversespeaks said: I’m learning both writing and drawing and the more you learn the more there is to learn. And its fun. And hard work.
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    This guy is probably the most famous living writer/artist from the city where I live (Glasgow, Scotland), our very own...
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