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What people take to be his charm is beyond me. I...

Jan 22, 2013
What people take to be his charm is beyond me. I find little reason to be interested in Austin Kleon.
Douglas Groothuis, Ph.D., in my favorite review of Steal Like An Artist yet

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  1. lucysbeau said: He sounds like a little bitch. His tone makes me wonder if his panties are, not as the figure of speech, but truly in a bunchy position. It can ruin your whole day when they get like that.
  2. coreymarie said: someone jelly.
  3. mariahmwrites reblogged this from austinkleon
  4. brocatus said: It’s very thorough and I love his conclusion: It could have been worse. :-)
  5. unwordinglanguage said: What an obnoxious ignoramus (the reviewer). The condescending tone betrays his “academic” mindset (speaking AS an academic). What a misguided, pompous ass. It’s not a review OF THE BOOK, it’s an imposition of the reviewer’s worldview ON THE BOOK.
  6. start-anywhere said: i tried to read this but i couldn’t keep going. “Professor of Philosophy” and “Denver Seminary” said it all.
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  8. buckycee said: "Vat ees your chahm, Austin Kleon?! Vat ees eet?!"
  9. geekphilosopher said: I love how this guy said you were a “tame bohemian (unless he’s hiding something)”. What are you hiding Austin Kleon? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS :D
  10. sandmtntexan said: He’s so wrong. I’d *totally* put you in your 30s. ;-)
  11. jessicabailiff said: "Success breeds contempt," or something like that.
  12. runonsentencesaboutemotions said: No accounting for taste, I guess.
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