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Turn off notifications

Feb 16, 2013

Turn off notifications

3 things that have improved my life greatly in the past couple of months:

  1. I turned off all notifications on my iPhone.
  2. I quit using Tweetdeck on my laptop.
  3. I turned off my Gmail Notifier.

That’s it.

It might be an obvious point, but it’s crazy how many of my devices tout their ability to distract me as an intelligent feature.

The dumber I make my devices, the smarter I feel…

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    Seconded. I turned off most of my notifications a few months ago. Freedom!
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    I’ve had the same experience.
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  7. soylenth said: I had the same epiphany a while ago. Never looked back. Feel much more sane without trivial bullshit pinging for my attention every 5 minutes.
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