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What should we not miss in Houston?

Jul 05, 2011

What should we not miss in Houston?

We’re taking our first road trip to Houston this weekend, staying in the museum district. We’re already planning on the Menil Collection, the Cy Twombly gallery, and the Rothko Chapel — what are some other things we shouldn’t miss?

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  1. astarsjourney answered: well its the summer so you should go to SPLASHTOWN!and maybe discoverygreen. miller theater, and finalfantasy concert coming here soon. :3
  2. gradstudentx answered: butterfly museum, a show at the miller outdoor theatre, second hand shopping in montrose, and the hobbit cafe
  3. courtlynndear answered: The Art Museum, Childrens Museum & Zoo (only if you have kids) and the Galleria Mall, to name a few.
  4. mlarson answered: I’ve never been, but the Rothko Chapel would be on my itinerary, with Morton Feldman’s music of the same name on my iPod.
  5. dallasarts answered: Helmut Newton Show at the Musuem of Fine Arts & Project Row Houses.
  6. chuckeye answered: The VanDerBeek exhibit at the Contemporary Arts Museum is awesome. Also, near the Menil, the Joanna has a cool show up.
  7. musingsetc answered: Ruggles Cafe in Rice Village - it’s delicious. Or Epicure Cafe - yummy desserts.
  8. helloricha answered: Anvil bar, Agoras down the street, Discovery Green, Royal Oaks for breakfast pizza and mimosa pitcher! :)
  9. xsjl answered: Beck’s Prime! Best burger I’ve ever eaten. Also, Niko Niko’s for Greek and Ninfa’s for Mexican.
  10. 11erasorhed11 answered: Go to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, please, for the love of a good moviegoing experience, esp. if you’ve never been to one!
  11. armindak answered: yelp.com/biz/adi…
  12. audrey-o said: Also, check out the Houston Center for Photography (right next to Menil)—exhibits & a photog library in the back. Check out Agora (coffee/wine bar) and the crepe street cart next to it. And get fajitas at Lupe Tortilla. Have fun!
  13. audrey-o answered: Second Saturdays at Winter St. and Spring St Artist Studios: winterstreetstudios.inf…
  14. adamnorwood answered: The MFA (if you have time + strength left), the Menil bookstore, Hermann Park, Rice University, a walk around Montrose neighborhood, maybe?
  15. teleportacionasistida answered: Your head and the rest of your body.
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