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Nov 15, 2013
Back [in] the Middle Ages, when artists were craftsmen and belonged to guilds…[a]rt was a job, like glassblowing. With the Renaissance came creative liberation. The artist gained sanction to develop his own character and style. “The more artists disengaged themselves from craftsmen,” write the Wittkowers, “the more they were expected to display—did display—symptoms of behavior not associated with the rank and file citizen.”
— Tom Jokinen, “The Myth of the Tortured Artist,” quoting from Margot and Rudolf Wittkower’s Born Under Saturn: The Character and Conduct of Artists

Feb 03, 2013
Sometimes I think that all I want is to rid the world of artists.

Mar 05, 2012
Art and artists are very much misunderstood in our culture… Because we have this ethic of purpose and utility, and art is not useful in a very direct way. And I think that, also, our concept of artists is that they’re lazy somehow and that they don’t want to work hard… In fact, what I discovered in working with artists is that most artists, by and large, are not doing it because they want to be the next Andy Warhol — they’re doing it at huge personal expense and struggling to keep a practice going while trying to figure out how to make ends meet. They’re not making art because they want to make money, they make art because they have something to say that they want to share with the world.
20x200 founder Jen Bekman, one of the Internet’s pioneering creative entrepreneurs, on Design Matters – the entire interview is very much worth a listen. (via explore-blog)

(Source: explore-blog)

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