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Sep 12, 2013
I think I should credit my unconscious, basically give it songwriting royalties, because I really think you do a lot of work while you’re doing other things.

Sep 11, 2013
That type of approach to art where you just destroy yourself and your loved ones, like dying for your art — I think I used to embrace that philosophy. But lately, especially with this last record, I’ve been trying to — because I don’t want to die alone — find a new way of still making good work, but not at the expense of the rest of your life.
Bill Callahan talking about writing his new album, Dream River

Aug 07, 2013

Bill Callahan, “Expanding Dub

The Singer-Songwriter Bill Callahan Makes a Foray Into Dub

Bill Callahan sketches out his songs lyrics first. The music takes shape once he enters the studio. “I always feel like the sound is already out there,” the 47-year-old singer-songwriter said. “I just need to find it.” Last October, when recording his forthcoming new album, “Dream River” (out Sept. 17), over six days at the Austin, Tex., studio Cacophony, he decided the sound he needed was dub. So he left room in the arrangements of several songs to give himself the option of concocting dub interpretations.

I could work on this book a lot easier if the new Bill Callahan was here…

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Jan 04, 2013

Smog, “To Be Of Use,” off Red Apple Falls, 1997

To be of use
To be of some hard
Undeniable use

Like a spindle
Like a candle
Like a horseshoe
Like a corkscrew

To be of use
To be of use

cf. Charles Portis: “The trick is to make yourself first useful and then necessary.” (“We had both known the despair of trying to sell things that nobody wanted.”)

Sep 30, 2012

Feb 07, 2012
I must humbly note that I didn’t exactly invent the sun. Credit-giving can be a hazy thing. But you ought to treat me as if I did.
— Bill Callahan’s gibberish notes in the program for his Lincoln Center appearance tomorrow night

Feb 05, 2012

The Songs of Leonard Cohen Covered

Bill Callahan covering Leonard Cohen’s “So Long Marianne” for Mojo Magazine.

(Source: permanentsmile)

Dec 30, 2011


Smog, “Our Anniversary,” off Supper (2003)

My wife and I got married 5 years ago today.

Its our anniversary and the bullfrogs
And everything that can sing is singing
its mating song

We are far from flowers
Cut and dried
So let us thrive let us thrive
Let us thrive let us thrive Just like the weeds
We curse sometimes

Supper, by the way, is a very underrated Bill Callahan album, and it’s only $5 on Amz.

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Aug 27, 2011
The way he listens to music is one of the most endearing and sweet things I’ve ever seen. He takes off his shoes, sets them down and gets comfortable. He kneels or sits in front of the record player, lifts the cover, reverently chooses a record, puts it on, closes the cover and just listens, start to finish. Whenever I go to see him and we listen to music like that, I register in myself how much better it feels than other ways of listening, which are like rushing to eat a meal because you’re super-hungry. You need to eat, just like you need to listen to music, but it never feels good if you do it like that. So I am trying to set my life up in a way where I don’t have to listen to music anyway other than putting on a record and sitting and listening.
— Joanna Newsom, describing the way Bill Callahan listens to music, in a 2006 interview with Arthur Magazine

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Jul 19, 2011
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