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Posts tagged "imperfection"

Dec 27, 2012
When you do something exactly wrong, you always turn up something.
— Andy Warhol, POPism

Sep 30, 2012
In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen — really seen.

May 23, 2011
Actually, he’s an imperfectionist.
— Brad Pitt, on Terrence Malick (via)

Jun 22, 2009
In our time, many of us have been taught to strive for an insane perfection that means nothing. To get wholeness, you must try instead to strive for [the kind of perfection] where things that don’t matter are left rough and unimportant, and the things that really matter are given deep attention. This is a perfection that seems imperfect. But it is a far deeper thing.
— Christopher Alexander, “The Perfection of Imperfection”
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