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Feb 24, 2014
I’m the most relentlessly self-promoting person in the world, but I’m also deeply embarrassed by the need to do it.
Harold Ramis (He continues: “There’s a concept in Buddhism called “anatta.” It means “no self”—that the self is an illusion. It’s a bunch of projections and it doesn’t really exist. And yet, we base our whole identity on it… I work in an industry where self is everything. The constant hum in LA is, “How am I doing? How am I doing? How am I doing?” And if you’re there, you live it. And if you’re in this business, you live with it all the time — this desire to be a public figure, and then it happens, and suddenly you’ve created this Self, this Thing, that exists even apart from who you really are. So imposter syndrome starts to happen, where you don’t feel like you really deserve what you’ve got and one day people are going to find out that you don’t really have any talent and you don’t really have any character. They’ll find out how weak you are. And it’ll all be over…”)

Mar 25, 2013

Nick Cave shows his work

The deluxe edition of Push The Sky Away comes “with a facsimile of the notebook Cave worked out the album’s lyrics in.”

"Some of it’s dreadful and painful to read, but I just thought – what the fuck," he says, before getting the actual notebook out and offering me a brief precis of his working methods. "Pages and pages of absolute shit," he sighs, turning them over. "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. And just every now and then something, little tiny ideas start to come out."

And how refreshing to note that he, too, suffers from imposter syndrome (something I write about in chapter two of Steal Like An Artist):

After 30 years of live performance, the prospect of getting onstage still fills him with “fucking dread”. Whenever he releases a record, he says, he finds himself gripped by the fear that he is “going to be exposed, people are going to realise I was never really that good anyway, someone’s going to come round and find out I was supposed to be a different person or something like that”.

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Dec 14, 2012
Fraudulence always seems to lie at the heart of amateur pursuits. Maybe you don’t have the right credentials, or background, or something else—other people’s presumptions—keeps you from doing what you want, so you just pretend. It’s a kind of prison break. The culture around you won’t let you out of where you are or into where you want to go. So, you pretend to be someone else, and make your move.
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