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Apr 08, 2013
Let me tell you about the nap. It’s absolutely fantastic. When I was a kid, my father was always trying to tell me how to be a man. And he said - I was maybe nine - he said, Philip, whenever you take a nap, take your clothes off and put a blanket over you and you’re going to sleep better. Well, as with everything, he was right. And so I now do that and I come back from the swimming pool I go to and I have my lunch and I read the paper and I take this glorious thing called a nap. And then the best part of it is that when you wake up, for the first 15 seconds you have no idea where you are. You’re just alive. That’s all you know and it’s bliss. It’s absolute bliss.
— Philip Roth on naps

(Source: NPR, via mlarson)

Nov 19, 2012
My autobiography would consist almost entirely of chapters about me sitting alone in a room looking at a typewriter.

Apr 09, 2010
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