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Nov 14, 2012
Growing up, you just want to compete, and then once you have the weaponry to compete, you want to be really good, and then when you’re really good, you want to be supernaturally good. For me, there’s been this steady metamorphosis from just surviving, to being a craftsman, and then, ultimately, the hope is to be an artist in what you do.

Aug 06, 2012

Life’s A Pitch by Roger Mavity & Stephen Bayley

This book is more interesting than the cover would suggest. The first half (by Mavity) is a straightforward “follow these steps” approach to pitching and the second half (by Bayley) is a series of looser chapters on the nature of self-presentation, self-invention, etc. Lots of interesting stuff. I posted some of my notes/scribbles to give you an idea of the contents.

Suggested under the “Sell Yourself” heading of Mike Monteiro’s reading list in Design Is A Job.

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Jun 19, 2012
I went into the Missouri River. I was hanging on by a thread professionally. And when I came out of the river… I was so consumed with just wanting to live in the present well that I think that carried over directly into my pitching and I just cared about each pitch singularly. And so, you know, if one pitch didn’t go well, forget it. Here’s this pitch. What am I going to do with this pitch? And when I did that over and over and over again, I was able to look back and all of the sudden I was putting together a pretty incredible run. And I decided that that’s how I wanted to live my life.
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