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Dec 08, 2012

A printer that doesn’t suck ass.

Epson Artisan 837→

Printers were sent from hell to make us a miserable.1

When our kid was born, I wasn’t miserable enough, so I started shopping for a new printer. I bought this all-in-one almost solely based on the recommendation of @omarg, who said it was the first printer he’s owned “with zero problems/hassles.” We’ve had it for a week or two and it works great.

Why it doesn’t suck ass:

  1. It prints photos straight from your iPhone
  2. It prints straight from your camera card
  3. It prints from your computer wirelessly
  4. It’ll scan to your computer wirelessly
  5. You don’t need a USB cable, which the bastards never include anyways
  6. If you want, you can make color copies of your balls (or whatever)
  7. It’s got one tray for letter-sized paper, one tray for smaller photo paper
  8. It does some other shit I haven’t even bothered with


  1. I have an Epson R1900 that prints beautiful, huge prints, but it is the fucking devil. I won’t even look at the stupid thing and every time I make my wife print something for me, she has to pull out the manual. 

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