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Jan 04, 2013

Smog, “To Be Of Use,” off Red Apple Falls, 1997

To be of use
To be of some hard
Undeniable use

Like a spindle
Like a candle
Like a horseshoe
Like a corkscrew

To be of use
To be of use

cf. Charles Portis: “The trick is to make yourself first useful and then necessary.” (“We had both known the despair of trying to sell things that nobody wanted.”)

Sep 30, 2012

Jun 19, 2012

Smog, “Let Me See The Colts,” off A River Ain’t Too Much To Love (2005)

Let me see the colts
That will run next year
Show them to a gambling man
Thinking of the future

Have you been drinking? No,
Nor sleeping
The all-seeing all-knowing eye is dog tired
And just wants to see the colts

Listen to this song with a pregnant woman’s ears…

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Dec 30, 2011


Smog, “Our Anniversary,” off Supper (2003)

My wife and I got married 5 years ago today.

Its our anniversary and the bullfrogs
And everything that can sing is singing
its mating song

We are far from flowers
Cut and dried
So let us thrive let us thrive
Let us thrive let us thrive Just like the weeds
We curse sometimes

Supper, by the way, is a very underrated Bill Callahan album, and it’s only $5 on Amz.

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Jul 07, 2011

Knock Knock

Smog, “Let’s Move To The Country,” off Knock Knock (1999)

“Let’s move to the country
Just you and me

My travels are over
My travels are through

Let’s move to the country
Just me and you”

cf. Jonathan Richman’s “City Vs. Country.”

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Jun 07, 2011

Knock Knock

Smog, “Cold Blooded Old Times,” off Knock Knock (1999)

The type of memories
that turn your bones to glass
turn your bones to glass

mother came rushing in
she said we didn’t see a thing
we said we didn’t see a thing

Thx, thisismyfavoritesong!

Nov 20, 2010


Smog, “Vessel In Vain,” off Supper, 2003

my ideals have got me on the run

It’s called Supper, but I like to play it at breakfast. One of my all-time favorite albums.

Feb 20, 2008
Nothing — it’s the city of my heart you are hearing when you listen to my records.
Bill Callahan, in response to the question, How much of the setting and atmosphere of the cities [you’ve lived in] make it into [your] songs?

I don’t think I’m a serious musician. I place a great value on music and respect the creation of it. But I never was or became a serious musician. I just started as a curious kid and hope to end as such.

The songs evolve like mammals did and do.
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