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Dec 20, 2012
So now I have Travis Tritt in my life and I’m happier for it. Probably the 17-year-old me would recoil in shock and horror, but that guy was kind of a dick anyway. The thing about listening to new (to you) music, even to music you feel uncomfortable about, is that it’s a win-win. If you turn out not to like it, then good for you: you were right all along. If you end up thinking it’s pretty cool, then you’ve just pushed those walls of your taste out a little further, which means you’re a bigger person inside, you[‘re] more open-minded, your soul has in some way expanded, you are who you didn’t realize you are.
Will Sheff on music snobbery

May 03, 2011
Vulgarity is not as destructive to an artist as snobbery.
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