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May 15, 2013
Whenever you work with someone who you idolize, you realize … he’s just a person trying to make a movie as best he knows how and that doesn’t look so different from other people trying to do the same thing. And he’s wildly smart and brilliant and funny, but it’s moviemaking and there’s something kind of democratic about how difficult it is because everybody — whether you’re Woody Allen or Noah or P.T. Anderson — it’s hard. Making movies is a hard thing and it’s slow. So you can glorify the product, but the process is difficult no matter who you are.
— Greta Gerwig on working with Woody Allen

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Feb 14, 2012

Niggas in Paris at Midnight)

a mashup of Jay-Z and Kanye’s Niggas in Paris and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.

Love the song, love the movie, love the mashup. (Thx, Brett)

Nov 21, 2011


Woody Allen’s typewriter, scissors, and staplers

Woody Allen bought his Olympia portable SM-3 typewriter when he was 16, and he’s used it to type every single thing he’s written since then. “It cost me $40. The guy told me it would be around long after my death.” When he needs to cut and paste, he cuts and staples.

Screenshots from the terrific American Masters documentary on PBS. (Thx, @mattthomas > Orange Crate Art > New Yorker)

Nov 17, 2011

Woody Allen Documentary | American Masters | PBS

New Woody Allen documentary coming this Sunday, with great reviews.

This quote really struck me:

The day that he finishes editing a film is the day he starts typing the script of the next. He never takes any time off.

So much of creative work is about just being in motion—it’s really inertia that leads to block. When I finished my last book, I hit a long period afterwards where I wasn’t doing any real work—trying to avoid that with this book. I wish I could be like one of those chain smokers who lights their next cigarette with the last one…

Then again, there’s a lot to be said for sabbaticals, too.

Oct 24, 2011
Oh, I’ve stolen from the best. I’ve stolen from Bergman. I’ve stolen from Groucho, from Chaplin, from Keaton, from Martha Graham, from Fellini. I mean I’m a shameless thief.

Aug 19, 2011

Jul 12, 2011
It’s a wonderful thing to be able to create your own world whenever you want to.
— Woody Allen on writing (via)

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Sep 16, 2010
We need some delusions to keep us going. And the people who successfully delude themselves seem happier than the people who can’t.
Woody Allen. (via)

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Aug 19, 2008
80 percent of success is just showing up.
— Woody Allen
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